Mission Statement

Wray Community District Hospital and Clinic will provide quality health care in accord with the ideals of concern and compassion when responding to the needs of everyone we serve while recognizing that good health encompasses their physical, emotional, spiritual and economic well-being.

Help Wanted


Full time Hospital RNs needed!


Medication Refills

Refill Your Medications Fast!

Due to recent changes in healthcare, the most efficient way to get a medication refill is to contact your pharmacy first, before contacting our office.

The pharmacy can submit an electronic request and the order can be filled sooner. In order to avoid delays, request a refill from the pharmacy 48 hours prior to running out.

Please speak to your nurse or physician if you have questions.

Digital Mammography

One of the distinctions of the Wray Community District Hospital is that it offers Digital mammography. This technology converts X-rays to electronic images of the breast, which can be viewed, optimized and stored on a computer. In a recent study, digital mammography was better than traditional film mammography in detecting breast cancer in women under 50 and with dense breasts...