Our 15-bed Special District Critical Access Hospital was built in 1995, featuring all new furnishings and state-of-the-art equipment. Services include a Swing Bed Program, 24-hour Emergency Care, 24-hour Anesthesia Services, a full-time Board Certified Surgeon, and various wellness programs.

Members of our multidisciplinary team enjoy a dynamic, collaborative setting where they have the opportunity to make a genuine impact on the lives of others and truly utilize the full range of their skills.

For more information on the community of Wray, CO please visit the Wray Chamber of Commerce website.


  • Jennie Sullivan, Chief Executive Officer / Director of Finance
  • Jennifer Kramer, Director of Nursing

General Information

    Information about the Administration is coming soon.

    The Board of Directors consist of five members of the district selected by the qualified voting members of the district. Wray Community District has established an ultimate goal: "Quality patient care delivered by a team of compassionate, caring professionals".

Hospital Board Members

Bryan Beckner
Craig Soehner
Duaine Dodsworth
Gail Mansfield
Rebecca Lenz